So January 2020 is hours away, my budget is ready. I made my budget using every dollar was having trouble with some tech operations of how the budget works it was how I track a category as a fund. The perfectionist in me was stuck and it took sometime to get over it.

Honestly, using the budgeting app is mostly because I am documenting my financial independence journey with you and why I sometimes have trouble picking a budgeting software. Before all of this, I was a pen and paper budget and I would check my bank accounts daily. 

I know the YNAB has some crazy features and I’ve tried Every dollar for a month between the two of them they are both better than my spreadsheet and more fancy then pen and paper.

Bonus I was able to find myself a Visa Debit Card from a company called Koho and also a Debit Mastercard from a company called Stack. I still got my megabank TD Visa Debit Card I’ve been considering lowering the service plan to $3.95 a month so I can still accept wire transfers from my commission income but the unlimited at $15.95 does cover everything including unlimited email money transfers with Interac but with the advice, I got from the insolvency trustee I might have to walk away close my TD Accounts and start over somewhere else, been looking at Bank of Montreal if I have to make that change.

My budget plan are not accurate numbers.

Estimated Income: $5,436

  • Tax Planning $415.00
  • Savings $1,400.00
  • Investing $300.00
  • Giving $465.00
  • Housing $1,143.93
  • Food $365.00
  • Transportation $151.15
  • Everyday Living $1,095.00
  • Debt $100.00

Total Debt $7,200 Consumer Proposal Settlement $6,000 with maximum of 60 months or 5 year repayment plan. Yes I can pay it off sooner but it is set for no more then 5 years.