December for me is over. Just need to hear the crazy neighbourhood scream Happy New Year and make it official. 

Christmas I ended up visiting my Grandmother’s house. For the most part, that side gets how I’ve taken charge of my life and I really do have a mental illness. Their advice I tend to ignore and some psychological reason my Dad is stuck on how I didn’t finish high school and won’t accept that working as an independent contract self-employed is actually a form of work and earning an income. My Dad thinks I’ve taken short cuts by choosing to create my own income as a self-employed tax filing person. 

My Dad also has his real estate license which would be for all legal and tax purposes for real estate agents he would be self-employed himself. So the only thing I can think of is my Dad is doing some comparison list thing of why he won’t recognize my accomplishments and that I am successful. 

Then the family does this weird thing of how they calculate how many hours they can comfortably work without moving up in tax brackets. So I’ve discovered that my family is comfortable staying in the $60,000 to $80,000 tax bracket as an employee, but I’ve also discovered that if you are self-employed and your income is a net profit after deducting expenses you can land in the same income tax brackets as someone who would be an employee.

I am not a tax professional I just spent a lot of time reading the Turbo Tax blog and realized my family is crazier than me and went to bed because I wasn’t going to let what my Dad said to me make me feel bad for how I choose to live my adult life. 

I’ve observed that my family tends to settle a lot and I as my Dad pointed out question everything and always do my research to find another solution. He said it as a quality that I should change about myself and I’m not here to please him so he can gweh 

I am in therapy because I have people in my life that won’t go to therapy. 

I sat there and watched as my sister explained her crazy get into debt plan of wanting a USA FICO score to go along with her Canadian FICO score. I gifted to my step sister and her husband my read copy of Total Money Makeover.   

That was Christmas and then it took me 3 days or so to recover back to my stable baseline mental state. I did twist it up a bit with a little holiday drinking but now I am ready and excited to change the next 10 years of my life.