8:00 AM I woke up and finally around 9:45 AM my Super came around to finally replace my leaky bathroom faucet for about 2 months maybe longer I’ve lost track who knows but whenever – you would turn on the faucet and it would fill water into an old empty cat litter bucket that was under the sink.

My bathroom faucet is now one of those single ones that you pull up and lean it side to side for the water temperate it matches the shower and kitchen. But the kitchen faucet is not secured to the counter top so that is another maintenance request I am waiting on. 

The bathroom renovation maintenance request has me loving being a renter. I don’t even want to think of the cost out of pocket If I had to replace all my fixtures for the plumbing. That’s the right wording for it, right? I have no idea bout repairs all I know is my job as a tenant when something breaks report it and the management will hopefully send out the appropriate people on time. 

Then today I was taking notes from watching Ramit Sethi keynote speech from FinCon2019 and he goes on about money dials and having a point of view which naturally had me thinking about this blog and my youtube channel and my money dials are being neglected. Once regular money from my webcam earnings comes in, I will spend more on things I love.

Plus lately, I’ve been having a mild identity crisis on figuring out what I am doing with my life past 35, sometimes I think I would be a money coach but at this moment I am putting the oxygen mask on myself and getting my financial life in order. I am handling it the same way I did when I took care of being diagnosed and treated for PTSD and bipolar disorder. 

Yes, this is my anxiety talking where I think I have to perfect everything plus do it all at once like some magician. It’s probably what took me so long to figure out my money philosophy but if you’ve watched the video of Ramit he clearly says be careful of who you take advice from. Which helped me organize what money advice I follow. 

20 something days left of December and my full income for the month is still unknown and I am mentally preparing to say NO to seeing my family for Christmas. As I am writing this my moms sent “How are you” text and I replied back with a little anxious but I am fine otherwise then she said how it’s good I am making the minimum payments on my high-interest loan. I won’t even get into that but you all know why it’s important I get that loan paid off as fast as I can. 

The loan company emailed back that my principal balance is $4068.47. I would like to pay $1,000 plus the monthly minimum payment of $378.74 as my debt pay off calculator gave it 3 months to be paid off. So I know what I want to do it’s a matter of working and see how the numbers come together. 

I’m not going to add on more jobs as the work I’ve created for myself is plenty I can handle. It is sometimes over 80 hours a week plus I have to keep my bipolar disorder stable that’s the other half of my energy levels and somewhere in there I have to balance a romantic relationship with my boyfriend.  

The credit card is in a block of ice in the back of my freezer. It’s not coming out until I’ve paid off my pay advance loan, I’ve been keeping the minimum payments on it. 

And by the way I’ve made myself an appointment with a bankruptcy trustee.