I need a budget it doesn’t matter if I am keeping my credit card or not. I still need a budget.  

So I decided to try using the every dollar budgeting app. For about a year I was using my fancy spreadsheet and it was a lot of work making it then getting it to function and I am not a fancy Excel spreadsheet girl. I am liking how things are done for me in my budgeting software from using YNAB or every dollar. At the moment I do not have the funds to keep an active account with YNAB but every dollar offers a free account.  

So no excuses !

I still got myself a working budget. On my youtube channel I did a screen share of my December 2019 budget it’s the plan for December with my irregular income working as a cam model. I don’t get how people out there use having an irregular income as an excuse for complaining about their money woes.   

Doesn’t matter if you make $10 or $10,000 every dollar needs an assignment. I’m very happy with how my budget turned out. I’ve planned the month ahead before my income has arrived and I am ready for every dollar that comes into my possession.

in my every dollar account my budget categories go as planned

My budget plan are not accurate numbers.

Estimated Income $4,516

  • Tax Planning $310
  • Savings / Investing $1,000
  • Housing Cost $1,155.23
  • Food $375
  • Transportation $151.15
  • Everyday Living $650.95
  • Debt $870.74