So October I did all these weekly progress updates and now November I just want to sum up the month in one blog post.

Honestly November I’ve been on the low mood state been wondering if I am riding a wave of hypomania or if I am depressed. According to my therapist, she saw me as a stable mood but my work performance has been really poor.

So something is going on just not sure what it is exactly.

December is coming and then the year will be over. So my focus is I need to pile up cash for my $1,000 starter emergency fund plus my money for the buffer account what Dave Ramsey calls a Hill and Valley Fund and I’m not seeing the family for Christmas.

The budget has gotten me to focus on what’s important. Plus having the budget keeps my anxiety and stress down a lot. I also have to remind myself I can’t think too far ahead and I can’t keep myself stuck in the past. Right now I need to have regular income coming in from my irregular commission based income as someone who is self employed . The working life of a cam model and entrepreneur can be stressful when you are not working a consistent schedule.

November has been progressing and stabilizing my mood and getting back into a consistent money-making routine. Earning $100 to $120 a day is my minimum goal working about 6 to 7 days a week so I can handle staying current on bills and get myself into a position to start baby step 2 of paying off all debts with gazelle intensity.