This payday loan $4,212.60 at 46.96% interest rate (As of October 2) being it’s November my actual balance on that loan is higher. The loan company only gives me update balance when I ask. 

I’ve prayed on it and you know what it is going first in my debt snowball. I know technically it wouldn’t make it a snowball it would be an avalanche or some other financial guru term for paying off debt. But you know what it’s personal finance. 

Debt payoff order goes like this. $4,200 payday installment loan, $2,600 2005 student loan, $500 credit card. Yes, I know at the start of this my credit card was about $300 that was a year ago. No, I am not cutting up my card and yes I know what Dave Ramsey says, did you forget it’s my life, my choices, I am an adult I am going to live my life on my terms. 

I am following steps to pay off debt sometimes I can go gazelle intense on it, and I am building my first ever 6 months emergency fund and I shared with my boyfriend exactly how much debt I have and I’m always reminding my family I am an adult and I got responsibilities and been practicing saying to them ” I do not want to. Thanks for asking.”  

You might be wondering why do I have to practice saying to my family “I do not want to. Thanks for asking.” Well, my family got boundary issues and with all the work I am doing in therapy, I am allowed to say No for whatever reason or events going on in my life if my family doesn’t understand it or have their feeling hurt by it honestly too bad for them. I’m done putting my life on hold or in chaos because I am worried about what my family thinks of me. 

There are certain financial milestones I must accomplish in my life. My family put my childhood in chaos to accomplish theirs, so right I can do the same for myself I am not having any children of my own so my self-responsibility to myself and my obligations must be kept and honoured.