So November in Canada is a lot of things, but one of the things they are doing is financial literacy month. Each week in the month has a different financial education-focused and November 12 to 15 is Credit Education Week.

I quickly participated in their twitter chat #mymoneyvision #CEWC2019

November 14 – I got to listen to Jessica Moorhouse podcast about credit and learned all the fancy ways Canada views credit and how Canada recommends handling credit 

It’s nothing like what Dave Ramsey teaches. This means me living in Canada my financial baby step plan will have credit while living debt free. If you been reading my blog you know I’ve always been keeping my credit card and handling my money with more intention while building my net worth.  

As Gail Vaz-Oxlade says you need to have a balanced budget which means saving for emergencies, long-term investing and paying off debt in 3 years or less. I can dig it right now I am doing things one at a time until I can do somethings simultaneously. 

Right now I’ve accomplished getting out of my old cell phone contract, I’ve been keeping my one credit card in good standing and made a plan to pay off my student loan and payday installment loan. We know I’ve had it with my payday installment loan and it needs to go fast and also my student loan as well but before I jump and pay off my debt like a gazelle I need to keep a buffer account and an emergency fund while I keep my minimum payments current.