Wow, I have no emergency fund savings and my bathroom is completely demolished. Sometime last year maybe I don’t know I forgot my kitchen faucet exploded on a weekend and I had to call the emergency line to have the building management send in the super then eventually the plumber.

Now it’s the bathroom, it’s been an ongoing problem didn’t realize how huge the problem was until today November 11 the super thought he fixed the problem some time ago, I really don’t know exactly when all of this has become serious. I just know writing this right now I am a little in shock and a little panicked about the whole thing and I now see why I really need to get my emergency fund in place as soon as possible

I am trying to focus on what I can do in this situation and really hoping that the plumber finishes this massive job today but with how the wall is all gutted out and I start to wonder and even worry. I only have one bathroom and it’s not available at the moment now I am like do I have enough money to go watch a movie or if not which is the closet public washroom.

I am not going to sit and feel sorry for myself about this, It’s not going to solve anything. it’s definitely a giant inconvenience and yes having money ready in savings would definitely make this less inconvenient and probably make it less entertaining to write about.

As the day went on, it started to snow outside and I knew my “bathroom sink is leaking maintenance request” won’t be finished in one day it’s definitely going to be multiple days, but the good thing is I am home all week. Annoying things started to happen while the plumber was working he had a friend walk in my apartment as if the place is vacant, nope I am here and living here listening to his every move and watching the time grateful I can hide out in my bedroom.

It’s a learning experience.