Things are settling down for the second week of October. At least it seems that way right now.

I got an email confirmation that my pay advance loan agreement is sticking honestly right now I am pretty cautious to see if it will happen.

The plan in motion is on October 31 I pay my final cell phone bill and early contract termination fee. I got emailed my October bill is $540.76 this amount includes late fees from September it makes sense to handle that as fast as I can even if it means risking paying an NSF fee on the pay advance loan in case they decide to be stupid again and try to pull money out my account.

I think I finally figured out how to use YNAB (You Need A Budget). Sometimes I feel like I have no idea what I am doing. The family was trying to invite me to Thanksgiving dinner. I got invited to my Dad’s and my Mom’s that makes two houses opposite sides of the city where both locations I feel invisible and wishing I was home watching something online or getting work done. With working the total money makeover baby step plan that leads to financial freedom and financial independence. I see how the plan works to better my future I can’t have too many days where I am not working because I’m broke and you know the best place to go when you are broke is to work that’s what Dave Ramsey says.

I am thinking if I just stick with this financial plan I can get a handle on a major part of my life and everything else will have to work itself out.

My family doesn’t get it and they probably never will understand me or know what are my core values, but I don’t care they are not living my life and they are not me. When it comes to building financial independence my family and I are on the same playing field and playing different rules but we are both hoping to end up roughly at the same destination.

I keep bringing up my family because I feel like hopefully, this is one last major thing that I have to heal from is the way they handled money and how I was affected by it. I already know how they raised me affected me in multiple traumatic ways so handling, my personal finances is on the list of things I need to heal from and create my own path.