So this September 2019 budget looks awful. The reason is that I switched from my spreadsheet to YNAB and this month was all about learning YNAB and it took a lot out of me so the budget itself doesn’t look like I made any money which I did and it doesn’t look like I spent money which I did because of

1.) I am not starving and

2.) my new cell phone plan that started end of August has been pre-paid for the next month.

Big news my pay advance installment loan payment agreement has been kept. August I did a partial payment of $195 and they wanted the rest of the August payment to add on to September for a total of $562.48. Disability income came in early so money is just sitting in my account waiting for the transactions to post, my monthly bank fee $15.95 and tenant insurance $16.42.

I can tell you this I am angry with this pay advance installment loan estimate balance of it right now is about $3,310.99.  

Debt snowball or avalanche method from still gives me an estimated time frame to pay off all my debt by March 2020. I am working a Dave Ramsey ish plan. We can just call it “Take baby steps.” recommended by everyone. If you want to label what I am doing. I’ve started reading “Never too late: Take control of your retirement and your future” by Gail Vaz-Oxlade.

Her rules are simple and honestly, they are said all over the personal finance community all the time. 

  1. Don’t spend more than you make.
  2. You must save something, this means emergencies, retirement and purchases. 
  3.  Get debt paid off in 3 years or less.
  4. Mitigate your risks. basically plan for the worst

I had to eliminate some of my income sources. I am paid straight commission from a variety of methods using the internet.

1.) is working as an adult live stream entertainer also called a cam model. 2.) is affiliate marketing where I sell other peoples products and services


3.) is network marketing or multi-level marketing selling more of other peoples products and services.

It’s all online and working from home.

I’ve realized I might have too much on my plate to handle. My live stream entertainer career alone has multiple streams of income that all need full-time hours and attention plus I want to branch out into affiliate marketing and network marketing so that I can use my transferable skills and have something else I can do when I am stiff and too old to live stream.

The thing is with making money from home full-time for over a decade. I started in 2003. The rules are not conventional. I don’t have a retirement age. I have a retirement income target. No employer is going to tell me to take retirement and I am not going to walk away with some stupid watch and cake from a retirement party. 

Designing my career many of my friends, family and outsiders hated my path. They weren’t doing it I am. I’ve discovered a way where I am home and I make money on the internet. I am considered self-employed/independent contractor / independent business owner and the income I generate is commission based so there is no limit on how much I can make and bonus living in Canada earning US dollars and no formal education required.  

This is what everyone who is looking to work from home so they can control their time and money is searching for is the ultimate dream and nightmare. There isn’t any form of employment or self-employment that is always a happy rainbow with unicorns, leprechauns and goose laying golden nuggets. We are searching for a balance of less stress, less risk with regular income, fewer bills and no debt payments. 

Most of the time I’ve found it, other times I go into this weird let me compare what I have with what I think other people have and I create unnecessary anxiety. I am thinking my next book I will read is Rachel Cruze book “love your life, not theirs.” I have to give myself more credit I started as a runaway teen with no formal education to staying home and creating anything I want because I can that keeps my inner child very happy.