Well my credit score just tanked because I cancelled my cell phone contract with Virgin Mobile total blow to my ego. I got the alert email from Transunion via Credit Karma and another Transunion affiliate I use to track one of my credit reports. Borrowell is connected to Equifax it hasn’t updated yet but it’s going to be interesting to see if they match with the scores and my credit report.

I believe in a previous post I’ve written about cancelling my expensive contract cell phone service, it was something that had to be done. The only reason I didn’t do it before was that I was afraid to. but I reached the level of sick and tired of being behind on my bills plus the way my family is I need more ways to distance myself from them. So all around changing my mobile service provider will be good for my well being.

Changing my number was quick and easy, but what a circus was it when I was getting people calling me on the number looking for one or two of the previous account holder(s). People when you give up a telephone number of any kind since we got landlines, VOIP, mobile and apps now. The number you stopped paying for goes into a bin to be recycled and someone else gets it.

About 3 payments of $150 will clear up my old bill and should restore my credit and move up my score. nerve pain is still keeping itself at a level 3 or zero, there was one day it was at a raging 11 but it settled down and I woke up the next day able to get some work done.

I was super anxious I wouldn’t make enough to handle my new higher loan payment, new cell phone service and get myself some groceries. but lady luck happened and I was able to earn just enough for those spending categories. You will see in my September 2019 budget review how much that was. Earning money as an adult live cam streamer is pretty much the same behaviour and emotions as of a day trader or someone who gambles.

Which explains why I have no desire to invest my money in day trading or even gamble. It’s going to be great when I get to the Dave Ramsey’s baby step 4 of investing a minimum of 15% gross earnings into long-term investing and I get why people enjoy building the equity in buying a home.

My budget is now with YNAB (You Need A Budget) so the goal is to make enough to buy the annual membership in the meantime I’m enjoying their trial offer and an extended trial offer. I got til about November to get an annual membership.

Wondering where I am at in the Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps ish plan that is the baby step zero getting current, then baby step 1 building my starter emergency fund, saving for my bank account buffer some would also call it a sinking fund.

You might be reading this mid-September well that is because my month is pretty much planned out. So all I gotta do is keep earning my commissions and then when that money is actually in my hand or bank account I tell it what to do.

Thanks, YNAB for making that one of your core values.