This week (September 1 to September 7) I switched my budget from google sheets to using YNAB (You Need A Budget). I found an old USB drive that had a download copy of YNAB, I have no idea when I got it but there it was all ready to go. started using it then 2 or 3 days later I really enjoyed using it and now I am on the full 34 day trial month and hopefully, I can get the annual membership if not I will go back to using the download copy til I can use the newer web app version I even got the app on my phone but I don’t really like it.

With budgeting and being a regular listening of The Dave Ramsey Show. I decided to venture out to the local book store and purchase myself a copy of The Total Money Makeover. It was a little out of my budget as I was hoping it would be paperback but the stores near me only had hardcopy available so I grabbed it anyway. I am still cool to buy groceries and my earnings from working webcam are slowly going up. Plus I felt it was time I read the book since I keep listening to the show live on Youtube and participating in the live chat.

When it comes to Dave Ramsey I am the “I like his plan but …” type of person according to him I would be Dave ish, before Dave, I was fangirl following Gail Vaz Oxlade I even met the woman in person she was able to answer my questions that got me on the path of building my first budget in my late 20s when I was deep in my bipolar psychosis. Hearing The Dave Ramsey Show in the background while I work just reminds me I am not finished with my financial goals and I need to take more responsibility with my money and it reminds me if I want to live my best life I have to create it and make it happen.

Minnie C Riley and Gail Vaz-Oxlade

When it comes to some core things in my budget. I need a buffer account to handle the month while I deposit checks and wait for them to clear. Since I am a die-hard fangirl of Gail Vaz Oxlade I know I need to have a balanced budget which means saving for emergencies, long-term savings and paying off debt in 3 years or less. Now in the book total money makeover I noticed something on page 37 in the debt myth chapter

“You don’t want to have a low score; it is best to have a high one or none at all.” – Dave Ramsey. Page 37 Total Money Makeover

If Dave Ramsey magically reads this blog. Page 37 Dave, it’s the last tiny sentence. I read it over and over. I was confused then had a chat with myself and then I was like all these financial people all have a core message and a bunch of other stuff in between and none of them are living in my house

and it’s personal finance!

So when it comes to my credit score I am working on the path of having a high one and guard it with my life so it is just a little easier to get things I want or need as my life goes on. Credit Report, Credit Score, Assets in the bank I know my banks will look at when it comes to applying for a mortgage. Mommy and Daddy didn’t do a damn thing to teach me about money.

I created, built, destroyed, rebuilt my financial history all by myself.

Yes, I’ve asked family for money and sometimes visiting family functions as I walk in I am handed money as a family member would greet me. Money that is given to me I never give it back. My Dad still does this stupid thing where he constantly has to point out how much my braces cost him.

$10,000 to $12,000 CAD

  • Two dental surgeries where I had a local anesthesia that ended with 8 teeth extractions
  • I have this permanent wire retainer on my bottom teeth that always needs to be patched up with cement
  • A blue retainer that I finally threw out in 2019.

I had braces all of high school 14 to 18. Well, Dad you decided to claim me as your child and it’s your responsibility to pay for my needs, I use to be stuck on how I would pay him back the cost of my braces then came to terms with I’m not paying my family anything for the cost of them having to raise me. If they didn’t want to spend money raising children they shouldn’t have had any.

Yes, I still got issues around my upbringing and money that I am working through. So back to reading this Total Money Makeover book, I am enjoying what I’m reading but when it comes to the chapter of “College Funding” I am skipping that chapter since I’ve mentioned many times I am not having children and my current relationship we both discussed not having children.

The personal finance world got books for days on the subject and it still comes down to “What do you want?” and “How are you going to get it?” The past 2 years so far I’ve definitely taken a good look at myself in the mirror and have made some changes that my future self at 45 will be at peace with.