If you’ve been reading my blog this long you would have noticed July was weekly reports. That only happened because I was excited about writing and taking an active approach with handling my money and becoming financially free.

August is a little different. I am just going to summarize what happened for the whole month. I do monthly budget reviews on my youtube channel, I am tracking my spending in my google sheet that people comment they want a copy and it’s not for sale. Then news broke out with Capital One with their hacker scandal. Yes, I was notified from capital one about my Mastercard I am doing all I can to take action with monitoring and protecting my credit and identity. I honestly don’t know what really can be done because it just feels like false security and imaginary protection, I feel like in the world of digital information we are in a role play fantasy and you need to have a safe word.

My inability to work due to having multiple sclerosis relapse symptoms has put stress on me. I am having brief moments I can get work done, so that means the show must go on. Some bills I had to call and negotiate a different payment schedule and I made an account with undeb.it so I know my estimate debt pay off date. Then I decided to put my credit card on actual ice.

I filled water in some Tupperware, place the card in it and stuck it in the freezer. It will stay there until my debt is more manageable with only 1 or 2 personal credit cards.

I got curious about what the cost without insurance would be for the antipsychotic drug I take to manage my bipolar disorder and I’ve discovered it would estimate to be a whopping $1,200 which is about $10 a tablet. I’ve been prescribed anywhere from 180 to 120 tablets by my doctors. So that reality has me future anxious and I honestly don’t need to worry about it right at this moment.

This month I am switching my cell phone provider. I am in an annoying cell phone contract that doesn’t end until June 2020 but with my lack of commission earning ability for approximately 2 months. This phone is now on the path of collections and my next cell phone provider will be a whole lot cheaper. My bill will be about $50 a month and luckily my current iPhone 7 Plus is unlocked so it will be a smooth switch of service and owning a new phone number. What’s dumb I use to be super emotional that I was going to lose my city area code with my number but when common sense and logic kicked in I realize it’s just a phone number and honestly not many people need to have it and I can’t keep getting behind on paying my bills.

This change in my communication service will cost $186.39 a month. Not switching my internet to a third party service or lower speed because being a cam model and multi broadcasting upload speed is everything.

Plus this month I’ve been able to get myself working again as a cam model, commission income has been slow going but progress is happening. I’ve also figured out the purpose of having a saving account that I will call a buffer account, the purpose of it is to have money in it that will cover the basic monthly bills while I wait for checks to clear. My online bank holds them for 30 days because they are US currency and I am losing a lot with wire transfer fees and even check-cashing fees and it is not worth opening a US dollar account because my banks will still hold my US dollar commission checks for 30 days as well.

This year alone has gotten me to change my tenant insurance provider and I have become fed up with my cell phone provider where I am not even scared of paying a ridiculous contract termination fee and I am thinking of better options for how my money comes in and where I tell it to go.