Well, I guess I am doing another weekly progress report. So it’s been an eventful few days. Last week ended with me learning about where I can invest my money with my banks and auto-investing with online Robo-advisor and wondering if I will teach my younger half-brother about money and investing. I am probably missing stuff in this recap so just go read last week progress report.

I don’t know what to call it but it’s been pretty strange for a number of years my body has decided to act up with mysterious nerve over activity to point where my doctors are questioning if I have MS (multiple sclerosis). I definitely live with bipolar disorder and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) that’s been confirmed over and over many times.

Tuesday evening

Then a hiccup happened my rent check that is paid from disability income hasn’t arrived at its destination. So I’ve spent part of the week tracking it down I hope to know by next week where has the money ended up.

As for savings for my emergency fund, we are making some progress at this moment there is $40 and we have finally cooled down a portion of my apartment with two moving fans on each side of my bed and yippie! my phone and internet bill are current at this moment which means I am in a small window of time to keep going and make sure next month is current.

The thing about living with a disability and my life shattered to the point where I needed to apply for disability income it’s one foot in front of the other to get back to a level of full independence and financial independence. Before my bipolar diagnosis, I had income coming in regularly from my career as a cam model and could have put a down payment on a house when buying a house made sense because of the low price market. Now 2019 I am not sure if buying my first home makes sense and with the price of rent out there, I am not sure which one makes financial sense to have.

I am reading David’s Bach “Smart Women Finish Rich” and even with what happened this week. I am getting my mind to think of it’s only a speed bump I can keep moving forward on my goal. My mental illness bipolar disorder depression tends to sometimes get stuck in a thought distortion that the world is out to get me. With tools from therapy and interesting worksheet exercises, my therapist has given me you really have to break down your thought distortion so that you have evidence of what’s really happening, not every thought you have is real or you have to act on it.


I feel like moving through life’s obstacles sometimes it’s a game of playing catch, hot potato or musical chairs. One minute I am organizing my financial plan following it then I get hit with notice that my rent has not been paid, and I’m in panic mode trying to calm myself down, so I can track down my money and confirm the payment. Then, of course, calm down again so I can ease back into working my business. All of this is actually not my bipolar disorder it’s these interesting things life has to throw at you while you are working towards a goal and creating a fulfilling meaningful life.

Once I got news of the status of my rent check and the day (July 11) went on I started to self-debate about getting myself take out. My inner child and my mature adult self had to have a self-discipline talk. The current amount of money I have right now could last me until the end of the month while I actually make money as a cam model and new checks start being mailed out. Sometimes small progress I get excited and I have to talk myself out of spending when I need to stay the course and make money. My income is all commission self-employed, so right now I’m rebuilding the financial foundation so I can have an emergency fund and a buffer account.

Around Friday

So the week is starting to end with me getting my return call from the multiple sclerosis doctors office where it’s definitely confirmed at least with the clinic’s nurse that I do have what they call remission and relapse MS symptoms, now this whole thing from start to current I have not fully dealt with the possibility I could have it. You know I am relatively healthy, and I am still under 40. I got a lot of life to create and enjoy. I also need to make sure my investment portfolio is putting me in the multiple comma club ($1,000,000) we can start with a million and work my way up.

My MS symptoms like to pop in like the circus is in town and I only have so many good energy days where I stick to my schedule and focus on my commission earning targets. So it’s all about getting things going and focus on momentum and not have it slow down too much where it takes too many days to get back into the routine. I hope next week I have better results on my commission earnings and sticking to my daily routine.