I first heard the term “Money Rules” from Loral Langemeier she was in my city back in 2006 doing one of those free workshops from that day I’ve always stay connected with her philosophy around money and building wealth. As for living the philosophy, it has been a roller coaster. I use to think it was a nice idea to be able to earn a million dollars or have a million dollars, I somehow adopted the negative money beliefs from my family members but in the last couple of years, my money rules and beliefs have changed a lot.

Where I am preparing to shake things up at Christmas with my family on breaking the silence on not talking about money. I’ve made sure to set myself up with Loral Langemeier’s team and had a phone consultation, it opened the door of what is possible and even with my current circumstances a million dollars is a manifestation away for me to have it and keep it. Right now I am finishing up her book Cash Machine For Life and her book Millionaire Maker, I know she has another book called Wealth Cycle it’s on my Amazon wishlist to soon purchase She has gotten me to think that I must earn $100,000 a year as a minimum wealth goal on my way to millions of dollars and worth of assets so I can have wealth and options. Yes for someone who currently has an annual income goal of $36,500 in commission earnings and still qualify for disability income it does feel like a huge mountain to climb.

I can take charge of my money and my life!

So if I want to be a millionaire damn it I am going to be a millionaire.

Now it seems that money rules are a thing going around in the personal finance community I heard it again from Ramit Sethi newsletter where he made an Instagram post listing his money rules and as I read through David’s Bach book “Smart Women Finish” (Canadian edition) I am coming up on that chapter where he calls his “Values Ladder” with the question “What’s important about money to you?”

Now I am currently answering the question “What’s important about money to you?” Right now I know that I want adventure, peace of mind, control, independence, a loving relationship, and security.

So I must admit for many years I’ve been in survival mode. I left an abusive neglectful home, and I barely made it out from being a victim of a crime. So to be here mentally and emotionally in a place where I can really think about what I want. Because it is self-healing and self-loving to me.

Is super huge.

Now great I know what my values are and my money rules are (I keep my money rules in a google doc) and now I am working the plan so I can go out there and get it. My family is super dysfunctional so all of this I am doing they won’t understand it but they never paid any attention when they had me as a child up to being a teenager so it’s not like they are going to change now. I can fully focus on myself and my amazing current loving romantic relationship and create my dream life.