Lately, I’ve been thinking if it would be appropriate to teach my younger half-sibling about money and investing. I am learning now about money and know that I can become a self-directed investor, and as soon as I eliminate my debt I can focus on building my wealth by part-time investing for my short-term and long-term future financial goals and I am living a childfree life. There is a huge age gap of me and my half brother. I ‘ve been wondering who will teach him about money since he is soon to be 18 years old.

Me at age 18 I started making money online, and because of my living situation after I left my father’s house I was given the opportunity to read a lot of books on affiliate marketing, and personal development. From age 18 until my bipolar diagnosis around age 22 my mission was to build wealth and be rich. My bipolar disorder derailed me from that plan until my current age of 34.

Growing up I was flooded with abandonment and neglect that I had to push down all my emotions and get a move on with acting like an adult. No one in my family homes growing up took any interest in my emotional well-being or were available to guide me to think about my future.

Growing up money was never a discussion unless it was my father yelling about money either complaining everything is too expensive or became extremely upset of what he thinks my mother is doing with the child support money he legally had to send because my parents were divorced.

Only two people in my childhood appeared to have a handle on money. My rich uncle or my grandmother. When it came to my grandmother growing spending weekends with her it was her spending money and hours betting on horses at the race track but she somehow always managed to have money to repair the car when it broke down on us coming from or going to the race track, she was able to buy two homes with her husband and she would give me $50 every Christmas or money whenever I happen to call and need her grandma support on something I was struggling with.

There was a time I was working at the phone company and I was curious to see who in my family was paying their bill on time and my grandmother was always on time with her bill payments.

I knew my uncle was a business owner, he owned a dental lab building that many of my older cousins and even my mother had a chance of working at his business. My uncle married multiple times and I have memories of me running around his giant mansion that had a jacuzzi in the lower level floor that I ended up getting lost in and pressing the intercom button for someone to come find me.

One of my rich uncle sons is also a successful entrepreneur, if my mother wanted to make contact with my successful entrepreneur cousin I had to google him and I would always land on his website to sign up for a seminar class on how to build recreational studios for children, I even landed on interviews he has done in the media of his path to success as an entrepreneur and investor.

So proven success of having money and owning investments and or running a business was always around me but depending on which family member is gossiping about my uncle or his sons it was always in a negative way. I always ignored my family negative comments about it, but I always had questions on how my uncle made his money but was never able to find out how.

Well, as a child I was constantly told that I love money too much as if it was a horrible habit to have, well as a child my options of getting money was to ask the adults who were making it and constantly spending it if I could have some. The habit of spending money I learned that very well growing, but as for saving, and investing that was never an idea.

As a teenager, I was directed by my mother to live with my father, he was never a person who was a full-time influence in my life before I became a teenager which made things extremely difficult. If I ever bring up what actually happened growing up my family will be quick to say they don’t remember any of it and then turn around and blame me for all the horrible behaviours I was doing growing up. From ages 0 to 18 for me was all about surviving until I turned 18 so I could run away from home.

As I am writing this and even did some searches online in hopes I could find someone in the personal finance blogosphere if they have an idea of how to approach this topic of teaching younger siblings about money I’ve noticed it all comes down to personal beliefs, experience and circumstances. My half-brother and I childhood experiences are completely different every time I visit I see how he doesn’t have the same person as a father as I did so it adds to the confusion of where do I fit in as his big sister and because his family never made sure I was an important person in his life. I am thinking when I visit just to give him books on money if he happens to magically read them and grasp the concepts of money it’s a win.