2003 I just turned 18 freshly dropped out of high school and I’m a teen runaway with just $300 Canadian dollars to my name.  And somehow I started building my first online home business as a cam girl it was on the path of creating my dream of becoming a pornstar.

I worked full-time as a cam girl for about 3 years then I had my first psychotic break. That is where I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and manic depression (bipolar disorder) in the start of my entrepreneurship career and being a teen runaway I got myself in a VERY difficult situation where I was held captive based on answering a local “room for rent” ad

That time in my life was very complicated. I was building my first business, fearing for my life, learning about the world of internet marketing, self-help, personal development and I was also making money online.

Fast Forward …

I knew I had a passion and purpose that was unique and all I needed to do was find it, so that is what I did. I went through career counseling programs, spoke with independent career/ life coaches, completed a government paid internship, attempted and failed to finish my high school credits plus attempted and failed my GED by a few hundred points.   I just don’t do well with standardized testing.

2015 I started college a program designed for people looking for support to return to work or wanting to return to school who also deal with mental illness and addictions during that program it dawned on me what I could be doing with my life.

It was something I was doing ALL along with blogging and making money online.

 Somehow I missed seeing that my natural talent of blogging and making money online is ACTUALLY a career option.


What am I doing?

Well honestly for a long time I had no intentional plan of what I wanted my life to be. I’ve spent most of my life in survival mode.  So the idea that I could have and live a great life based on being in mental illness recovery and my options of income and employment are completely by my own design use to scare me a lot.


I have taken some serious inventory and decided I will start with what I know I truly love the most and that is MONEY.  

  • Having money means having options
  • Creating money is infinite
  • Money is constant energy that flows all around us constantly.

I am on a new adventure let us call it a case study and I will be documenting this journey and sharing my findings and experiences with YOU all right here.

It’s starting with me going through the stages of financial independence and reaching my design life of financial independence.


Updated:  November 13, 2016