When I was starting to write this article I was thinking that I should tell you all the reasons why it’s important for cam models to have financial independence, then I thought it would be better to tell you why financial independence is important to me. Since this whole financial journey I am on is about changing my circumstances I just happen to have an income stream that comes from working as a cam model.

Well, I’ve been on this financial independence journey as of August 2017 so it’s been a while now. It all started when I came home from an affiliate marketing event and I was feeling pretty horrible that I was not happy where I was at in my business and finances. I had to let go of what was stopping me from creating that next level of success.

I had what some call a sick and tired moment. I was emotional, angry and confused. I wanted my finances to change but I also wanted it to change instantly. In this reality, change doesn’t happen at the same moment you want it to change it’s a process so I had to figure out where do I start.

Right now I am following a plan It’s made up from the Dave Ramsey’s 7 baby steps in the video I say the baby steps in the wrong order and for my financial independence plan I added two things from the books I have read from Gail Vaz-Oxlade where I save for emergencies and my long-term savings every month. An emergency fund has a target number once I hit that number I will allocate that money towards long term savings or other savings goals.

With going on the path of financial independence you really need to figure out where you are now and where you want to end up then follow a plan and stick to it. 

It’s basically you focus until the finish.

I know I am not having children and I have no desire of being a homeowner (that might change on this journey) so right there that clears up a lot of things I do not have to plan for but I do have to make sure I am living somewhere, I am eating food, definitely need clean clothes, and my hair needs to be maintained and of course have some fun and enjoy life.

As of right now, I have debt that total is $7,351.55 (June 14, 2019)

In a previous article, I wrote about the 7 stages of financial independence once I started to educate myself on personal finance and really got clear on what I want and not follow every advice out there. Self-confidence started to develop.

I broke things down into activity targets. Which eliminated a lot of confusion and it also showed me I have important things to do and I also have a destination ahead of me. Staying connected in the personal finance community showed me I am not the only one doing this and it also showed me I am capable of choosing the right things for myself and I keep myself accountable by making these blog posts and also updating my youtube channel. 

I hope to be debt-free by December 2019 no later than February 2020, but that really is all dependent on how much income I have coming in and how much time I can focus on just making money and sticking to a budget but we will both see how that turns out.