You must think I am a total flake, honestly sometimes yes.

But I haven’t forgotten about this blog, I just kind of put things into the perfectionist box where I feel like I have no value to add to the world about my journey to financial independence and documenting my experiences, and sharing my feelings and exposing my fears while go through the stages financial independence.

Plus being a trauma survivor and managing my mental illness that is bipolar disorder a lot of weird things come up as you are going through healthy recovery, psychotherapy and taking psychotropic drugs regularly. 

I’ve dealing with a list of mystery symptoms that doctors are constantly sending me for an MRI. I bloody hate the MRI machine, not because of its small space, I love small spaces it is the loud noise in a small space that drives me nuts and they always seem to keep you freezing cold in an MRI machine.

So from the time of opening this blog, and actually doing what I said I would be doing I got lost down a rabbit hole of personal finance blogs, podcasts, Youtube channels and even discovering there is a huge conference called FinCon.

But what clarity I did find in this information overload was that there are stages of financial independence that are clear as to where you are now to where you want to go next.

I discovered the stages of financial independence from listening to podcasts,  I found that podcast Radical Finance definition of financial independence is the one I am following honestly his break down of the stages are clear as expensive crystal.  Podcast Afford Anything interviews Joshua Sheats from Radical Finance about the seven of financial independence at minute 17:10 they get into the seven stages. 

Stage 0 – Financial Dependence 

Your lifestyle depends on others for financial support.  That could be friends, family,  charity, government assistance, living off credit cards and even if you are somehow are getting money from sugar daddies or sugar mamas. I know I said it but it’s true, the quick reason why I said getting money from a sugar benefactor is a financial dependency if they die and stop giving you money how will you survive?

Stage 1 – Financial Solvency

You are able to support yourself with your own income, be current on all your bills without the aid of others. Basically, you can meet your financial commitments without outside help.

Stage 2 – Financial Stability

Be current on all your bills and have money sitting in the bank. Literally sitting the bank waiting for ish to hit the fan that is called your emergency fund, curveball account, FU money also the rainy day fund.  You need a buffer,  Think of it as you are managing a team or in acting the understudy literally waiting for the star player or star actor to fall sick or be injured so they can jump in and show the world what they can do.

Stage 3 – Debt Freedom 

Debt Freedom is all consumer debt gone for some it includes the mortgage they got on a house.  Borrowing money of any kind taking more than when you receive your monthly bill to pay it off is debt.

I remember hearing Dave Ramsey say to a caller about paying off his card in full every month and Dave responded back how it’s fine it works out the same.

Stage 4 – Financial Security

You have investment income that covers your basic living expenses.  So you have money invested and the profits from those investments could be used to take care of your housing cost, groceries, clothing, transportation.

Stage 5 – Financial Independence

You have investment income that supports your current lifestyle. That is money you have invested and it has grown where it is big enough to where your profits can take care of your basic living expenses plus travel vacation.

Stage 6 –  Financial Freedom

You have investment income to cover your basic living expenses, you can level up your lifestyle, and some of your dreams actually come true.

Stage 7 – Financial Abundance

Basically, you have so much money, investments, and multiple income streams that you will die before you use it all so you will have to consider planning your money to be left and used the way you wish.

Up to this point in my life, I’ve bounced from financial dependency to debt freedom and back to financial dependency.  It’s been a roller coaster of navigating a traumatic childhood transitioning into adulthood, managing a mental illness, living on my own and managing my finances.

But as of this moment and according to my doctors’ opinions my mental health has been the most stable it has been since I’ve been diagnosed. Which has left me in the mental space of well if that is stable even with its uncertainty of when I will relapse and I do have more stables days I feel like I am supposed to be working on my personal finance.